A Wee Dram-a

For those heading towards a deep and dark winter in the Northern Hemisphere, it may sound somewhat odd to hear that we are craving some cool weather. Since our trip to London in May, day or night, we have not experienced anything less than 25°C and daytime temperatures are always in excess of 30°C. I have not worn socks. The cardigans and jumpers not left in Aberdeen are consigned to the back of the wardrobe. Only the most lightweight pyjamas ever get an outing. It is just never ever cool enough to need these things. There is no such thing as “fresh air” – it is consistently hot, humid and sticky. This is delightful when you are on holiday but less appealing when trying to go about your daily business. The daily ritual of applying sun cream and insect repellent is also getting somewhat old – there really is no point in wearing perfume, when everything is overpowered by DEET. The desire for some properly autumnal weather has only increased since hearing of The Handsome Dutchman’s recent business trip to Europe. I stayed in Trinidad as a dutiful stepmother to look after the Playstation Junkie and I had to forgo the opportunity to catch up with friends and family in Hamburg, Rotterdam and Paris. Not only did the Handsome Dutchman have access to cool weather and our European social life, he also had the possibility to partake in some retail therapy. Somewhat unwisely, his shopping did not include any gift for Castaway. The bottle of champagne we had discussed for a delayed celebration of our wedding anniversary somehow morphed into a bottle of wedding whisky. The friends who first introduced the Handsome Dutchman to Glen Garioch whisky should now feel appropriately guilty, because he used his entire duty free allowance at Gatwick on said whisky, using the logic that champagne may be prohibitively expensive on the island but it is, at least, possible to buy it. The wedding whisky is a little more hard to come by, even in the UK. We call it the wedding whisky because it formed part of the gift from the, by now I hope full of remorse and guilt, friends at our wedding. They chose it, not only because it is a very good whisky, but also because it comes from the distillery close by where we chose to get married. It was also the whisky available in the rather special place where we spent our wedding night. The only catch being that although the Handsome Dutchman rather enjoys a wee dram, Castaway only very rarely does.

So with all this in mind, it is time to plan a trip to less sunny climes, where we can indulge in some cold weather, a little light shopping and perhaps some good food and a bit of theatre. Perhaps, then, the Handsome Dutchman can redeem himself and we can celebrate our wedding anniversary appropriately!



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