Phase II

We have very nearly completed the legalities related to our move to Trinidad, albeit we have not actually gone through all the immigration procedures nor have we a functioning bank account. If that is still the status, then you might well ask what Castaway has been doing for the last four months. The answer being that most things have taken multiple attempts and many hours of effort for limited outcome! On the domestic side, we have a house and a car and I am capable of getting groceries into the house. Beyond that, most things are still work in progress. As I write this, I have more and more the feeling that there is more to do than is already achieved – which was not the mindset I had when I sat down to write this week’s post!

In any event, I have already started working on Phase II of Project “Move to Trinidad”. If I am honest, this is hardly the first time I have started working on the second phase of a project well before the first phase is complete, let alone verified as well-functioning, so you could say that this is nothing new. The kick-off for Phase II was the official confirmation that the PlayStation Junkie will join us here in Trinidad. It would not be wrong to say that this phase of the project required some additional stakeholder management but so far, so good. All this means that my travel agency responsibilities have expanded from supporting the Handsome Dutchman to include the PlayStation Junkie and Lush Fanatic as well. By now, I think the people who handle KLM’s Twitter account (for some unknown reason that is KLM’s preferred way of communication about unaccompanied minor travel plans) have come to dread when a message pops up from me. In addition to the travel management, I have now responsibilities for education management. We have secured a place at an appropriate school here and have arranged online providers for Dutch, French and Latin to supplement the curriculum so that the PlayStation Junkie can return to the Dutch school system smoothly, in due course. After school activities have been decided upon and school uniforms procured. Then comes, of course, the mass collecting of paperwork for immigration purposes.

It all adds up to a lot of additional actions in my project plan but it signifies something much more important. It is also the second phase in my life as a stepmother as I move from part-time holiday and FaceTime stepmother to full-time. Both the Handsome Dutchman and the miniature version are very much looking forward to it and I cannot help but share their enthusiasm. It has to be said, though, there is nothing miniature about the PlayStation Junkie anymore. He is already the same height as the Handsome Dutchman and when he grows out of his school trousers and shoes, the Handsome Dutchman can inherit them – they are just his size!


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